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Here is DIOME, our intermediate decorative cushion. 


With this timeless pattern and a herringbone tape sewn all over: enjoy fully the graphical power of this soft & beautiful pastel blue grid on the verso & on the recto a serene navy blue pattern.


2 styles in one product!


Be sure it will add some hint of cool to your home.

See Diome as the statement element that will bring interesting contrasts and meaning to your interior. 


You will appreciate also the "patine" of the denim itself, which displays so many hues, shades of blue, without giving you the blues... it is quite the opposite actually, by getting this awesome creation, you are stating your will, your need for sustainable way to consume good quality objects.... which is a really good thing.


You will certainly notice some marks of its previous lives, those are something to value for the history it carries with!

It too is made out of denim from jeans too damaged to be resold in the thrift economy, but thanks to my patchwork approach, I do manage to upcycle the most relevant parts of each jeans to create new home decor goods. 

So far, this process prevent hundreds kilos of  jeans from our fashion waste to be dumped in our Nature or incinerated. 

This approach of upcycling allows my company and thus you as a consumer to reduce considerably our carbon footprint, while supporting small businesses and sustainable economic practices.


Dimension of the cover: 50 cm by 50 cm, approx: 20 inches by 20 inches.

If you need also the insert, please select the proper option.The filling of the insert is made with 100% recycled polyester, the shell of the insert is made in my atelier using deadstock fabric 100% cotton


This cover is made with patches from different upcycled jeans.
A 100% cotton herringbone tape is stitched on both side of the cover, adding not only the signature style of the house but also backing up the patchwork itself.

Brand label is from 100% egyptian cotton & sewn on one of the flap and the opening is secured by metallic snaps.


Care instruction: Dry clean only.

DIOME pastel blue + navy blue

Sales Tax Included |
  • Sourced & upcycled denim in Belgium, designed and made in my atelier based in Brussels.

    Attractive carbon footprint item.

    Cushion cover dimension: 50cm x 50cm or 20 inches x 20 inches.

    If you need also the insert, please select the proper option.

    insert is made in Europe from 100% poly filling.

    Care instructions: dry clean only.














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