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  • Where does your denim coming from?
    100% of the denim I buy come from belgian sorting facilities that are key partners of the fashion industry waste. Indeed, these structures have thousands of collecting bins for citizens to donate clothes they do not want anymore. From there, tons and tons of garments are centralized into these giagantic sorting facilities where workers are sorting each of them into different categories: category A are donated clothes that are in pretty good conditions to enter the second hand clothing market. Category B is clothes that are too damaged to be reintroduce in this thrift economy. To give you a hint of the situation, in only one of these sorting facilities, this "second" category can reach up to 20 tons of unsellable clothing... This is where the process beyond my brand operates: thxs to passionate driven work and creativity, my brand manage to use the most relevant parts of these jeans to recreate high valued objets to cherrish and by maintaining a very attractive carbon footprint instead of buying by the yard new denim fabric.
  • How do you prewash the denim before creating your products?
    I do wash all the jeans I had bought to upcycle at a 60° washing cycle, using gigantic washing machines.
  • how can I place a custom order?
    By using the contact form.
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