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My name is Amarande,


Belgian with Italian roots, as long as I can remember,I always had an artistic fiber and the love to express my identity through clothing.


After studying Plastic Arts at l' E.r.g and Fashion Design in St-Luc, I immersed myself in professional life. It was Bernard Gavilan's "Customisez-moi" competitions, a key figure in vintage fashion in Brussels, that gave me the opportunity to explore what discarded clothes could offer, once taken back in hand, often completely deconstructed, resurrected in something completely different: dyed, embroidered, quilted, pleated...


Winner of the Delvaux Prize for my collection created for the 2013 edition of this contest,


I was welcomed into this honorable house

to follow very rewarding internship.

It was by working alongside another great Belgian designer,

Christophe Coppens, in his hat and fashion accessories workshop,

that I was able to consolidate my expertise and improve my skills

in several aspects of the design profession.


These experiences allowed me to refine my taste for detail and

to appreciate meticulous work,

however the ethical and aesthetic values

​​that I wanted to embrace in my career as a designer

- favoring as much as possible repurposed,

recycled materials, found on markets,

sorting facilities

while supporting as many local or artisanal suppliers as possible

– have remained at the heart of my project.

Here, I want to share with you my passion for

colors, shapes, prints and materials,

to offer you fashion and decoration pieces

handcrafted in my Brussels studio

to affirm your personality, your body, your home

and your convictions.


On this site, my goal is to offer you limited editions,

unique pieces produced on a human

and artisanal scale.


Thank you and enjoy your visit !





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